Our company has already implemented in 2005 an effective quality management system according to ISO 9001. Its practice and updating is still our priority in order to deliver consistently products that meet the customer requirements and

the legal and regulatory requirements.


Environmental protection is an important part of our corporate policy. We always want to ensure and continuously improve the ecological sustainability of our processes and products. We have a special focus on the energy efficiency of our company, the use of self-generated electricity from hydropower and the use of sustainable raw materials.


Already since 2005 we have committed ourselves to the voluntary reduction program of the Energy Agency of the Economy (EnAW) for a continuous reduction of the CO2 emissions and optimization of energy efficiency.


Our company is certified since 2009 according to the standards FSC-COC and PEFC-COC for sustainable forest management.


Our products meet the requirements of leading ecolabels, such as BLAUER ENGEL (Germany) and NORDIC ECOLABEL SWAN (Scandinavia).